How to pay for journalism

If anybody knows of a Swedish daily newspaper subscription aggregation service, will you please let me know? I require access to the major papers,,,, and I cannot find one.

The record labels did not come together by themselves to form Spotify and iTunes, they were bundled by third-pary forces who knew how to monetize their product in an era where they themselves had lost that initiative.

Much like the format of the LP died in favour of individually streamed tracks, journalism is now consumed in article format rather than as a linear, bundled magazine-format. Hence, few are willing to pay for access to all content of a single newspaper online. The service required instead needs to provide access to whatever articles are being shared in peoples social media feeds, stories already upvoted by and commented on in their social media circles.

An aggregate subscription service priced at 99 SEK monthly , with a premium option of unlocking one or two papers full content for 199 SEK would seem marketable.
Links would be transparently launched routed through the aggregators web client app, collecting important user data, and also allowing for big data-driven content recommendations and various marketing initiatives.

The current situation, with individual paywalls for every newspaper is as ridiculous as if consumers instead of using Netflix as a film- and TV-series-hub, were expected sign up with every single content producer whose material they wanted. It is just not going to happen.

For magazines, there are services like Readly, but who is going to fix this for daily newspapers in Sweden?